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"I wanted to thank you for the bottle of SimpliTranquil 500mg. CBD plays a huge role in my life and it is exciting to try different brands. To show my appreciation is wanted to offer some feedback. The effects of your CBD were calming, pain reducing, and the CBD itself continues to help me stay away from smoking cigarettes. Thanks again!"

Cara Snyder - Massachusetts
SimpliTranquil CBD Oil - 500mg

"As described. Natural and effective when I tried it. Will use it again."

Alec Alfonso - Florida
SimpliRest CBD Oil - 1,000mg

"After years if playing football my body was pretty banged up. I refuse to take pain medications so nature's where I turned. Thanks to SimpliHemp CBD, I have less joint pain as well as headaches from concussions."

Jon Abbate - Georgia
SimpliComfort CBD Oil - 3,000mg

"As a first time user of CBD, I was extremely pleased with the results when it came to the SimpliTranquil line. I found myself in a noticeably better state of mind shortly after my first dose."

Martin Nobis - Oklahoma
SimpliTranquil CBD Oil - 1,000mg

"The taste is exceptionally better than others I have tried. Doesn't leave a heavy residual taste in my mouth. Actually the coconut oil is light. With SimpliRest I have had a more restful sleep."

Carol Diaz-Fernandez - Florida
SimpliRest CBD Oil - 3,000mg