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CBD and Pain Relief

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While cannabidiol (CBD) has a multitude of uses, perhaps the most prevalent of uses is pain management. CBD is a great alternative to pharmaceuticals and prescribed painkillers for long lasting neuropathic pain or chronic pain for ongoing alleviation of symptoms because it is not addictive and has little to no side effects. You can incorporate CBD into your treatment plan for natural pain relief.

How Does CBD Provide Pain Relief?

A number of studies over the past decade have helped shed light on why and how CBD can provide pain relief to those suffering. Over recent years, researchers have learned a lot more about how the human body’s endocannabinoid system works. One facet of this system is that it significantly interferes with pain homeostasis. CBD and other cannabinoids interface with our endocannabinoid systems and can have therapeutic use for treating neuropathic pain. A 2014 study investigating CBD’s therapeutic potential suggested that analgesia (pain relief) is one of the principal therapeutic targets of the endocannabinoid system and that cannabinoid compounds such as CBD have efficacy in the treatment of neuropathic pain. CBD promotes the blocking of painful stimuli by our body’s sensory neurons. The result is pain relief via interacting with several target proteins involved in pain sensory controls in the body. Systematic use can significantly suppress chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain without causing analgesic tolerance, like traditional opioid treatments do. 

What Can CBD Help Treat?

CBD is useful for treating pain caused by a number of different ailments and conditions. 50-75% of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) report experiencing debilitating pain - but CBD is effective in treating neuropathic pain in MS and is a useful treatment option for these people. For those undergoing chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, chemo-induced neuropathic pain can be overwhelming. Some patients unfortunately choose to forgo chemo even when there are no other viable treatment options to avoid the associated neuropathic pain. CBD has been proven to be a safe adjunct treatment alongside chemo and can effectively prevent or reduce chemo-induced pain, thus allowing cancer patients to complete their chemo treatments fully. CBD also helps with chronic pain from inflammation-related causes such as arthritis and with other common ailments such as back pain and pain from spinal injuries. For these types of ailments, transdermal CBD use where application to the skin is used is the fastest way to treat the associated pain.

What CBD Products Best Treat Pain?

SimpliHemp carries CBD products specifically formulated to help alleviate pain. The Comfort variation of the CBD oil promotes pain relief while supporting the body’s own natural process of repair and recovery. The oil is over 99% pure CBD and certified kosher and organic, and has a great flavor derived from 100% natural vanilla and coconut. The Comfort variation of SimpliHemp’s disposable vape pen is also designed to encourage pain relief, and is a conveniently portable and discrete option. It promotes anti-inflammation and comes in 100% natural cinnamon or peppermint flavors. Last but definitely not least, SimpliHemp also offers a Comfort CBD Salve option that promotes pain relief right at the source of pain.